Amazing zucchini chocolate cake recipe

zucchini chocolate cake

If you keep reading the title of the recipe thinking that you are reading it wrong then you have to know that you are not wrong, you are reading it correctly, it says zucchini. If you read the recipe and you think there is no possibility for an excellent cake then you are wrong, since […]

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Raspberries and blueberries cake

One of the reasons I love summer is the abundance of fresh fruits, especially if they come from my parents’ garden. So as we approach to the end of  summer I decided to take full advantage of this garden and make a delicious raspeberries and blueberries cake. 

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Say cheesecake.

New York Cheesecake

The ultimate challenge: eating a whole cheesecake by yourself. Challenge accepted. 

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Su. That’s the title of this post. Su. I don’t even know if it means something. 

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Happy birthday sis!

When I started blogging I had in mind that it would be feasible for me to post 3 to 4 recipes at a week. Ha ha Teti. HA HA.

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