The Liebster Award.

I didn’t know about the Liebster Award until Crichton’s Co-Op ‘s blog nominated me for. It was a pleasant surprise to receive this nomination from such a wonderful blog. In the blog you can find many recipes (breakfast, brunch, cakes, cupcakes, desserts, dinner, drinks, lunch, pizza, sauces, gluten free meals and desserts, vegetarian recipes and sides) while there are some wonderful tips  and tricks for your kitchen. A must follow!

But what is Liebster Award? This award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. It has German origins – the word “liebster” has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. It follows similar principles as a chain letter, in the sense that it should be passed forward to a certain number of people.

The Liebster award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere, so thank you very much Crichton’s Co-Op!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person/blog who nominated you and link back to them.
  2. Write a post telling your fellow bloggers 11 things about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blog who nominated you.
  4. Create 11 questions for those you will nominate.
  5. Nominate 5-11 new bloggers (who have less than 200 followers)

11 facts about me:

  1. When I was child I wanted to be an architect.
  2. I have a car but I don’t enjoy driving in the city.
  3. I have a ten years relationship and I am getting married him on June.
  4. My favourite colour is blue, maybe because I am a Greek.
  5. I love garlic, pepper flakes and basil. And parmesan. And bacon.
  6. I have studied Economics and Energy Systems.
  7. I have a 7 years old niece and a 3 years old nephew.
  8. I am 30 years old.
  9. My favourite dessert is mille feuille.
  10. My favourite coctail is margarita.
  11. I don’t want anyone to touch me with the soles of his feet. Or to touch mines.

Here are the answers to the questions for me:

If you could go back in time, what decade would you want to live in and why?

Athens around 350 BC, when both Plato and Aristotle were alive.

What was the catalyst for beginning your blog?

It was my friend Anna, who always supports me and encourages me.

What are some tips and tricks for how you juggle blogging alongside your other life commitments?

If you really enjoy it there is no need for tips and tricks.

What is your favourite go-to outfit?


What do you do to unwind?

Definitely cooking.

Are you an entrée, main or dessert kind of person?

Can I choose two of them? I would go for entrée (most of the times its entrées, one is never enough) and main dish.

What do you get the most enjoyment out of – cooking or eating a meal?

I really enjoy cooking a meal and watching my friends and family eating it with pleasure.

What is the most memorable meal you have had and why?

No, no, no. Don’t make me do that. I really can’t choose. I am sorry. Don’t hate me.

Are you semi-fluent or fluent in another language, if yes what one(s) and if no, what language(s) would you like to be able to speak?

My native language is Greek, you know tzatziki, mouzakas etc. But I wish I could also speak Italian. It is such a lovely language, hearing it is like a beautiful song.

Are you a movie or a book person (you can be both too!)?

Movie person.

What is your drink of choice?

I cannot resist in a spicy margarita.

Here are my questions for my nominees:

  1. Out of all the countries you have visited, which one did you like the most?
  2. What do you like about blogging?
  3. What do you dislike about blogging? (Be honest!)
  4. What makes you laugh out loud?
  5. What is your favorite book?
  6. What is your favorite quote?
  7. What is your favorite form of social media?
  8.  What is your favorite ingredient? (You can pick up to three!)
  9. What is your favorite movie or TV show?
  10. What’s your favourite cuisine?
  11. If you had the chance to meet someone famous who would it be?

And the nominees are:

The cook’s digest

Sweet pea living

This is My Foodie Collection

A Casual Foodie’s Blog

The Millennial Cook


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I really appreciate it and can’t wait to create my response!

  2. Great responses and questions! I’ve got some homework (which I am looking forward to!) of checking out blogs you’ve nominated 🙂

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