My name is Teti. Actually my name is Stefania, my nickname is Teti. Actually 30 years ago I was baptized Stephanis. But my mum changed it, don’t ask why, she changed it. Too sad, I loved it but I couldn’t say anything, you see, I was an infant. The only thing that I was capable of doing was eating. And I was eating a lot as an infant. And as a child. And as a teenager. And as an adult too. And probably I’ll continue to eat as a ghost too. You see, I am a lover of good food. That’s why I started cooking. I really enjoy cooking, in some way cooking relaxes me.

That’s why I decided to make a blog in order to share my love for cooking with people who have the same passion with me. I hope to enjoy my posts, I’ll be happy to see your comments and recommendations! Thank you for your visit!